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Scan now pay later
Scan now, pay later

Up to 50 days of interest free period

Seamlessly convert your UPI spends into flexible EMIs

Simply indulge in UPI and earn 4RP on every ₹200 spent on transactions above ₹2,000

Link Pi to your favourite UPI app and forget about it
Go global, go local with Phi
Go global
Travel the world in style and comfort, get access to premium international experiences and lounges
Go local
Online or offline, every swipe earns you more, from groceries to binge watching
credit card
Credit card
A perfect pair: Pi & Phi

One world, two credit cards. Use Pi for UPI and Phi for everything else. The choice is yours

Make the best of Mastercard World and Rupay Platinum,and enjoy unlimited rewarding experience

Make more of your spends
Sometimes savings is not enough to achieve early retirement. Make your spends also work to contribute to an early retirement
credit card
credit card
Zero cost investing
Start zero cost investment with Anq by simply converting your spends into assets
x card
Prepaid Card
Own your spending, master your budget

Control your expenses, and ensure consistency

Use X Card to manage weekly and monthly budgets

Get leverage on your assets

Leverage can help you make the most of your investments, and time your thesis

Designed for the intelligent trader and investor community, take leverage with nQash and the make the most of your opportunities

Monetize your spending habits
Earn unique "Bounties" on every spend
spend gold
Digital Gold is a new age form of expressing your love for the yellow metal. 24 Karats, MMTC certified
anq coin
Anq coin, our new age rewards mechanism, linked to a basket of different assets
prepaid card
Prepaid card
Empower your community

Energize your community’s identity with uniquely crafted cards

Design custom experiences like collaborative events, access control, measurement and more

Get a better bargain

With Anq shopping, get access to epic rewarding experiences across 260+ brands

Discover ultra-luxury brands & exclusive offers tailored to your taste & preferences