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Unlock the PhiVerse
In partnership withPhi Credit Card is a co-branded credit card issued by Banks in partnership with Anq
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For your home

24RP on every ₹200 spent on your frequent home needs

Take your Phi credit card out for all your household expenses and earn 24 reward points on Groceries, supermarkets, department stores and more
Get 24 reward points when dining out or ordering in with your family or loved ones
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For the traveller in you
24RP on flights & hotels

Rewards on the Go: Book flights and hotels with your Phi credit card for 24RP, including online booking platforms

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For your networth

Return on spend

Spend & earn real rewards with Phi, build assets with Digital Gold & Anq Coin

Uncapped & unlimited

That's right! Unlock unlimited rewards with every Phi spend

Rewards that grow in value

Today's earnings, tomorrow's investments. Watch Anq bounties appreciate over time

How to get a
 Phi card ?
Getting the Phi card is super easy. Just download the Anq app and complete KYC. If you are eligible for Phi card, you will be able to see that on Anq app. Your application process for Phi card is 100% online!